Inviting all Resident Welfare Associations and other Citizen Groups

Now that we have shown our support in electing the right government the responsibility in seeing that they function well also lies with us


Bengaluru city requires a democratic city government and leadership, chosen by the people and accountable to them. A city where women and men play an equal role in decision-making. A city government which has the right powers, finances and human resources to enable it to develop high quality public policies; and which works with other levels of government, as well as with neighboring municipalities, to develop common approaches to successful development.


On June 7th 2013 we along with Resident Welfare Association and Citizen Groups in Bangalore invite you to felicitate the Hon’ble Chief Minister who is in charge of all subjects pertaining to the urban development for the city, and 28 newly elected MLA’s of Namma Bengalru. We also intend to present the Hon’ble Chief Minister and the 28 MLA’s with the Govern Right, Govern Responsibly Charter for the city of Bengaluru which outlines the priorities of the citizens and seeks to set an agenda to develop a process for community participation and decentralized decision making, leading to an enhanced quality of life for Bengalureans.

Where: Sir Puttana Chetty Town Hall, J C Road Bengaluru

When: June 7th 2013, 3:00 pm

Govern Right, Govern Responsibly Charter

Campaign for a Better Bengaluru by Namma Bengaluru Foundation in partnership with Resident Welfare Associations ( RWAs) and Citizen Groups

Charter for Better Bengaluru:

The growth of Bengaluru city has outpaced its infrastructure resulting in utter urban chaos. Governance in the city needs reforms and greater transparency. Planning is critical for coping with the anticipated growth and the pressures that growth will place on infrastructure and public services. The citizens are increasingly seeking to play a bigger role in steering the development of Bengaluru and participating in the long term vision for the city.

Aimed at the newly elected MLAs, the Namma Bengaluru Foundation along with several RWAs and citizens’ groups have launched the Govern Right, Govern Responsibly campaign. This campaign is in continuation of the Vote Right, Vote Responsibly campaign which had a positive impact on the voters with an increase in turnout from 44% to 56%, demonstrating that citizens took an active and informed interest in directing our city's future.

The Govern Right, Govern Responsibly campaign is represented through a Charter that contains the aspirations of the citizens for a better governed city and thereby a better future for their families. The campaign will also develop a citizens’ platform for continuing dialogue with the elected representative along with timely appraisals of the performance of the government and the civic agencies on behalf of the citizens.

If governed right and governed responsibly by the MLAs, Corporators along with the new government, Bengaluru could and would become a shining example among the cities in India.

The Charter will be presented to the Hon’ble Chief Minister and the 23 MLAs of the city on June 07, 2013.


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Citizens for Better Bengaluru: Namma Bengaluru Foundation and over 300 Resident Welfare Associations present The Govern Right, Govern Responsibly Charter for the new government for overall development of Bengaluru


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