We at Namma Bengaluru Foundation, as you know, are committed to the betterment of Bengaluru by ensuring sustainable and impactful improvements to the city, and are happy to announce that the Bengaluru Residents’ Associations’ Confederation Ensemble® has been formalised under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act (1960) on the 16th of November ‘2013. We invite Residents of Bengaluru, resident welfare Associations, apartment associations and Federations of Resident Associations to become members of BRACE.

BRACE will support member groups, without any financial implications, unless the organisation offers voluntarily, to settle issues related to governance in the form of legal interventions.

Please do refer RWAs/Apartment Associations/SHGs/Federations to whom we can reach out to.

A complete set of the certified charter and bylaws of Bengaluru Residents’ Associations’ Confederation Ensemble® is available here.

A brief description about BRACE has also been attached as Annexure CLICK HERE.

For more information or any queries, you can email us at nbf@namma-bengaluru.org or call us at 080-41102457

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