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New Stringent notifications on Fire Safety for high rises issued by the Government of Karnataka - August 2011
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Fire Safety in High Rise Buildings

Like in any other modern city, Bengaluru too has seen a spate of high-rises being constructed over a very short span of time. These buildings represent the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the citizens and are a testament to the incredible potential of our city.

These towering edifices need to be protected from the threat of calamity. Fires have razed many great cities to the ground; Bengaluru is too precious for us to shy away from taking every precaution possible. With effective planning and efficient fire-safety measures we can protect our city's buildings and look on proudly as they help us stand tall among the great cities of the world.

Most fires are preventable and are only caused due to an indifferent approach towards safety norms, leading to human tragedy and financial losses. At Namma Bengaluru Foundation, we will be focusing efforts on the dissemination of information on fire-safety for high-rise buildings. We will attempt to work closely with the relevant authorities and push for the implementation and adherence to existing regulations and norms.

These issues can all be solved; what's needed is for an informed citizen to actively voice a demand for constructive solutions to these problems. And, this voice needs to be heard. These are issues faced by every major city in the world; what sets apart the truly great cities is the desire and ability of the citizens to come together in order to address these problems. In order to take our rightful place among these great cities, we too must do just that. Only then will Bengaluru attain the heights that we all know it can.