Other Causes

Additionally, we also support other causes that are important, through association with partner NGOs.


  • Corruption has emerged as a big ailment hindering the development of our democratic country. We are yet to attain freedom in its “true sense” and have to fight a second “freedom struggle” against corruption.

    As the nation wakes up to a more citizen oriented governance, Namma Bengaluru Foundation has strongly taken up a will to support causes against corruption.

    We have joined hands with India Against Corruption and have volunteered for the Dandi March against corruption. The Endeavour continues by supporting India Against Corruption for their cause on Jan Lokpal Bill.

    Join us and support the Right to vindicate Corruption.


  • Pollution is one of the biggest problems our city is facing today. Though we claim to reside in a garden city, much to our dismay, we find garbage strewn around the whole city. It is affecting our daily lives physically and economically.

    As much as we blame the officials for the cause, we also need to own up & take an initiative towards maintaining a healthy and clean environment.

    At Namma Bengaluru Foundation, we have taken a proactive step to educate the citizens on segregation of waste material and benefits of a healthy environment.

    We invite any NGO/ Civic agency wishing to reach out to the citizens on the same to partner with us.