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We are looking for like minded people, who carry in their hearts the belief that this is
My City, My Voice, My Future.
We recognize that volunteer work requires additional time and cannot be at the expense of one's home and career needs. This is why we have designed our partnership programs to suit different levels:

Responsible Advocacy

We believe that the youth are our change-agents and can play a pivotal role in ushering in a new mindset. We would like to open up our advocacy platform for you to leverage it at your creative best.

  • In-campus
    • Create advocacy platforms within your respective institutions.
    • Using forums like drama-clubs, debate-clubs, art-clubs, music-bands, take up the issues that you believe are destroying your city and create awareness and break inertia.
    • Enthuse your audience to join the movement for a better Bengaluru by volunteering with Namma Bengaluru Foundation.
    • Record (video, still) all these activities and send them to us for our website and our Facebook page. Use your social media network to spread the message, so that your friends across the world can see.
  • Off-campus
    • Take the activities that you believe have good potential and use them to spread the message outside your campus - in public forums like malls, parks, and corporate campuses.
  • Academic
    • If any of you is interested in pursuing a civic issue from an academic perspective, come to us.
    • We shall guide you on the issues that need to be studied and help you align with the right NGOs and people.
    • Your reports will become part of Namma Bengaluru Foundation's knowledge archive.
  • Social media content
    • Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are de-rigueur in today's digital environment, especially when we are networking with your peer group - the youth.
    • We encourage you to create content that can be posted on our website and other digital platforms.

Creative Partnership

Volunteering during our various events is an important way to help us. Besides the regular activities (some examples – diabetes health check-up camps; Global Leadership Summit in partnership with AIESEC; Heritage Walk, on World Heritage Day, in association with INTACH), we have our flagship event, the Namma Bengaluru Awards.

  • Regular events
    • As an event gets scheduled, you can become a part of our team in making our presence more impactful, at the venue.
    • From being our spokesperson to helping generate a data-base of volunteers (remember how you came into our family?), to any other way you may feel that you can contribute.
  • Namma Bengaluru Foundation
    • Our milestone property requires a highly strategic approach with long-term operation schedules.
    • Designing the nomination forms, soliciting them from various forums (schools, colleges, corporate houses, public forums, etc.), collating data & analyzing the entries, co-ordination of pre-event & event day activities - the list is endless.
    • We need a group of 'enthu-cutlets' to make this happen.
  • Creative partnership
    • As a dynamic activist, we are in constant need of various collaterals.
    • As we identify causes, communication aids need to be developed. PPT presentations, posters, leaflets, et al.
    • If you enjoy writing and are interested in designing, help us by using your creative skills.

Constructive Activism

The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river.” - Ross Perot

Activism forms the backbone of any social movement. The difference in our way of thinking is that we believe in 'Constructive Activism'. We believe that to achieve something meaningful, there's a need to work in an inclusive manner, joining hands with various stake-holders: citizens, Government, civic organizations, RWAs, NGOs and others.

Reaching out to each of them requires a dedicated group of volunteers, committed to devoting time. Some of the ways you can be a part of this are:

  • RWA contact program
    • A key focus for us this year is to enlist the support of RWAs for our initiatives.
    • Save Our Neighborhood (SON) program is a critical project that requires establishing contact and maintaining relationships with RWAs.
  • Morcha participation
    • Whether the recently held 'Dandi March against Corruption', or 'Victory for Anna Hazare & India', Namma Bengaluru Foundation was a visible partner with its presence.
    • Organizing or participating in such activities require enormous amounts of field-work – enlisting support form various stake holders (RWAs, NGOs); ensuring their participation, creating venue display materials (posters, banners), and so forth.
    • Believers are required to create success stories.

The best part about being part of Namma Bengaluru Foundation is that we do not have any pre-defined rules on how you can contribute. In addition to what we've said above, if you feel there is another way you can bring value, we'd be most happy to support you in that too.

So give a thought to how you would like to bring about change in your city and let us know. Once you've decide to join the movement, bring your friends; after all, it's great fun when we do serious things with our friends.

We look forward to a successful journey together.