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Water Supply and Eco-Reserves

Presently, water supply to urban Bengaluru is mainly through the surface water schemes of the Cauvery River. The daily demand for water in our city is a mind-boggling 870 million liters. In order to meet this staggering number, two other sources - TG Halli and ground water sources - are now being tapped. However, the indiscriminate drilling of bore wells has resulted in the depletion of ground water levels and over exploitation of these resources. Continual consumption at the present rate will leave us with very little or no opportunity for future conservation. Another increasingly serious issue is the quality of ground water - metropolitan Bengaluru is now heavily affected by sewage and industrial pollution.

Economic considerations, commercial activities and the need to provide housing for the burgeoning population has also led to a loss of lung space in the Garden City. A large number of lakes and stagnant water bodies have been taken over by residential or commercial constructions; in many cases, constructions in the vicinity of water bodies have led to the depletion of the city's water table.

At the Namma Bengaluru Foundation this year, we will be concentrating on the steps that need to be taken to ensure development of resources for water supply and the restoration and protection of our ecological reserves. In partnership with experts from the field, we will explore methods of augmenting resources through initiatives like Rain Water Harvesting. We will also be focusing on increasing awareness and drawing up plans and steps for the conservation and management of our existing water bodies and green spaces.